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First things First....

2010-02-03 07:49:20 by inuthanh

Hi, im inuthanh, that new guy from Australia who recently joined NG. Let's just start of with how i came to the decision to join NewGrounds.

Well, i went on Holidays overseas and needless to say, i was bored half the time coz of the lack of games there. Luckily they had PCs there, and i started to watch flashes that my friend showed me awhile back. I had been to the site NG for abit, the main reason being EgoRaptor and his "Awesome" series. I got really interested in all the othe flash artists out there too, and the more i read, the more i was like "Holy shit, this place is awesome, i need to join this!" and so i did...overseas.

Being an avid fan of many flash cartoons out there, i wanted to show the people of NewGrounds wat i could do too, so i joined up and just waited til i got home to submit my flashes. UN-FUCKING-FORTUNATELY, some one screwed around with my com while i was away and well...i lost everything, all my flashes that i had ever made since grade 10 :( (+ pc games, musics and other stuff.)

"Well, i did just join a flash based website. Might as well continue what i love doing."

So i just went onto good old flash and did some quick random crap. Just that...hopefully it didnt get blammed. :(

BUT EVEN IF IT DID, i'm planning on doing this music type flash video thing, and whoever is reading this, look forward to it!